Joico is a professional hair care brand that stands for healthy hair!
There is no doubt that hair care requires specific skills and continuous training to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies. Achieving the right shade of blonde without sacrificing good hair condition can be challenging, so once you find a trusted hairdresser, clients will stay loyal for years or even forever, so it pays to train!
At Joico, our goal is to provide only the highest quality hair care. Blonde Life lightening and tinting products can overcome any challenge and help you help your clients achieve their desired blonde shade safely and quickly.
Get inspired to create lighter shades and treat blonde hair.

9:30 Morning coffee and gathering.
10:00 Introduction, introduction of the trainers.
-JOICO story: a journey for healthy hair
-The colourful world of JOICO’s Blonde Life.
-Consultation, the theory of bleaching and the technical products needed for it.
-Workshop (on mannequin heads)
13.30 Lunch
14:15 Workshop continues
-Trendy cut
16:00 Closing of the training day

 You will learn techniques to help you choose the right blonde for your client’s look;
 Learn what to keep in mind to maintain the blonde result;
 Learn how to minimize hair damage during the coloring service;
 We will give instructions on how to advise clients with blonde hair.

David Murray
JOICO EMEA Senior Creative Artist Team Member
Coming from Ireland, David has achieved ‘Irish Hairdresser of the Year’ 4 times. As an established salon
owner of @21 David goes above and beyond when it comes to satisfaction of his clients and his team. He
is known for both his precision haircutting and Avant Garde work. His love of shape and form inspires his
progressive vision for how hair can be manipulated. David has said that he truly believes that can change not only how someone looks but more importantly the way they FEEL. This him this is more than a haircut, it’s a superpower.
Katrina Kelly
Color Specialist at JOICO EMEA Senior Creative Artist Team
Dublin based Cut Social salon owner Katrina has won many awards over the years. Her style of
hairdressing is feminine yet technical – in truth a master colorist. Katrina loves exploring new techniques
and learning the chemistry side of hair coloring, along with the ingredients.
As an educator, Katrina is dynamic and creative, she likes to understand how her students learn and
adapts her teaching methods to suit their needs. Her intuition allows her to quickly zone in on the needs
of others, ensuring every session is really engaging and relevant.

06.10.2023 10:00 – 16:00

YHTEYSTIEDOT | Koulutus-Center
Kalevankatu 12, 00100 Helsinki, FINLAND


  • Includes mannequin head 
  • Includes breakfast and lunch at place 


From Riga:
Riga Helsinki by plane: Riia – Helsingi (Vantaa) | airBaltic.com
 Riia – Helsinki (Vantaa) 06.10 07:20 – 08:20
 Helsinki (Vantaa) – Riia 06.10 21:20 – 22:20
Round trip ticket price starting from 110,98€
From airport to venue place by taxi, cost ~35-50€

From Vilnius:
Vilnius Helsinki by plane: Vilnius – Helsingi (Vantaa) | airBaltic.com
 Vilnius – Helsinki (Vantaa) 06.10 05:35 – 08:20
 Helsinki (Vantaa) – Vilnius 06.10 21:20 – 23:59
Round trip ticket price starting from 226,98€
From airport to venue place by taxi, cost ~35-50€

From Tallinn:
Tallinn Helsinki by ferry: Laevapiletid.ee – kõik laevapiletid ühest kohast!
 Tallinn – Helsinki, Eckerö Line, M/s Finlandia, 06.10 06:00 – 08:15
 Tallinn – Helsinki, Tallink, MyStar, 06.10 07:30 – 09:30
 Helsinki – Tallinn, Tallink Megastar, 06.10 19:30 – 21:30
 Helsinki – Tallinn, Viking Line Viking XPRS, 06.10 21:00 – 23:30
 Helsinki – Tallinn, Eckerö Line M/s Finlandia, 06.10 21:40 – 00:10
 Helsinki – Tallinn, Tallink MyStar, 06.10 22:30 – 00:30
Round trip ferry ticket prices 19€ – 32€
From the harbor to venue place by taxi, cost ~7€

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